Thursday, March 17, 2016

Its Okay


I learn that, even a person who I thought have everything in their life don’t feel happy, still, sometimes, feels unfit for anybody. While, I, I see them as perfect. So, I don’t see any reason to stop being grateful. Because I believe, today, there’s somebody out there, who pray to Allah that they want life like mine.

I am blessed, with beautiful people around me. I asked Allah for a love instead He gives me greater love than ‘a’ that I asked. These people, taught me, that, its okay to feel not okay. Its okay if I feel sad and depressed. Its okay if I want to isolate myself for awhile. Its okay to feel a little heartbreak. Its okay to be damage. Its okay to not be perfect. As long as I know and I learn to stand up again.

And I learn that, crying doesn’t make me a loser or the weakest person on the Earth. It just mean, I tried so hard for thing to happen like I plan. But, again, my life is blessed, with things I never asked but He did give me because He knows that I need it even I don’t realize. I should be very grateful because my life was planned carefully by the Almighty who I know won’t make any mistakes.

These, every heartache, every wound, every fight, every battle that I lose, every scar, every 
heartbreak; I know, even then, I am a winner to myself and how this shitload has taught me to see a beauty behind every ugliness.

Dude, we are human. Vulnerable to unexpected thing. We are fighter even without entering the military school or whatever the world has offer. In every test He gives, He teaches us to see the beauty not the problem instead. So we know, how great His love and mercy even we sin a lot.
I don’t really know, to speak love in verbal. I speak love in every word I write and in every art I made. So this, is dedicated to you people, who don’t hesitate to love this wreck ship. Read the manual for me and be the wind when I can’t sail . Anchor into the deep blue ocean when I almost die in the middle of nothingness.

My parents won’t read this, but, If you happened to see them, just tell them this is for them too.
‘Why ask others to tell when you can do it yourself?’

Because they know me as this rebel kind of daughter , who don’t smile a lot and ignorance about most of thing. Haha. Dude. Really, I’m practically a full time introvert when I at home.

I believe in, when you give love , you don’t get love back from the same person you give instead you will receive from others who don’t expect.

Jujur, tuhan itu Maha Adil lagi Maha Kasih. Tak sia-sia jatuh sayang pada mereka-mereka yang tak kenal sayang kau. Sebab Dia, Dia tahu semua itu.

Semoga terinspirasi.

Kosong // Nastia

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